Sunday, March 02, 2008

Keesie's meme

So Kees invented a complicated meme and asked us all to play. His rules were too complicated so I simplified them a little. I took the third sentence out of the first post that wasn't just a throwaway reprint of some joke or something. Which took some scrolling for some of you... It takes a long time to collect them all but it was fun and I was needing to catch up on my reading anyway. So here's my try at Overheard around the Chatham Artillery Punch Bowl. As instructed, it starts with a quote from our dearly departed Acidman.

Acidman: They will come again, but I am ready.

Key: Yeah, like that's going to happen.

T1G: Before I could check into it, I got a call from a cousin, letting me know about it, too.

Richard: You See! Half of them little guys are smoking and the other half looks sad because they AREN'T...

Marcus: Most you see are really ugly...and stupid...usually done on a dare, or drug/alcohol induced.

Vman: And my crappy cellphone doesn't do it justice.

Yabu: I got my woman out of bed to have a look-see.

SWG: .... 'tis the simple pleasures that drive me, folks..... and the simpler the better.....

Maeve: Yep. simple pleasures in life.

Rube: Me, I'm what you might call a Silmarillion guy.

Elisson: (Who comes up with these kooky star names, anyway?)

Ms Sandy: I can not even believe what I have to do today.

Zonker: It's amazing that we get anything done these days, isn't it?

GOC: I am so pissed at him.

Erica: Hey... Denny may be grouchy, but he is very frichen civilized.

GuyK: I yell all time and nobody listens!

Kees: And take that smirk off your face, pronto.

Catfish: I think we all had a great time.

Redneck: Until next time...

Parkway Jim: The tour is concluded. The bus will depart in fifteen minutes.

And thus ends another successful blogmeet of the Blown-Eyed Blodgers.

[Graphic shamelessly stolen from photoshopper extraordinaire, Elisson]


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