Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oh, about that drug war...

I know it looks like I've given up on drug policy reform, but really I've been blogging about it pretty strenuously. Just not here. I've taken the debate to wider Blogtopia in an effort to gain recruits among the non-consumers. I just discovered I can prove that I've haven't been completely idle.

I do a lot of posting at Newshoggers on drug policy but I never get around to posting the links here. However, I just discovered that I can link to the archived posts. There's 52 posts here and I've written most of them.

Only a technodope like me would take this long to figure that out, but I'm excited to discover it. I'm going to put the link on the sidebar so this can be a drug policy blog again.

Oh speaking of the drug war, barring a surprise win by Ron Paul, you can forget about electing a president who is going to show any common sense about cannabis. Obama has the best stance of the frontrunners and it's pretty dismal. He's sort of for decrim of marijuana, when he's not sort of against it. Which is light years better than everyone else, including Hillary. They're all solidly against any change in policy.


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