Saturday, January 19, 2008

A little white magic

I didn't think it was going to happen. It started eight hours later than they predicted but we really got snow here today. Funny, when I was saving the photos I saw that it was exactly a year ago yesterday that we had a snowstorm.

The obvious thing to do was to build a snowman. Friends will remember that I usually make some elaborate snow creature but the snow here barely holds together enough to make a guy like this and I admit didn't spend much time on him.

This is why. An half hour later he looked like this.

Two hours later, he's still standing but he's leaning hard. He's dropped another couple of inches since.

It's supposed to freeze tonight and stay really cold tomorrow. He could convceivably freeze in that position and last another day like that but I'm not pinning my hopes on it. I expect I'll be holding a snowman funeral in the morning, but it was fun to play in the snow. I have to admit I do miss it a little and besides, around here, you know it won't last long.

Update: He's still standing this morning. Well, I mean he's leaning even lower but his head hasn't fallen off and it's freezing out there today. If the wind doesn't blow him over, he's likely to live a little longer.


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