Thursday, January 31, 2008

You got the cutest little baby face...

That's my friend Irma's grandchild in this photo. Last time I saw her she was just a tiny tot in a baby carriage. I'm told she's five now. They grow so fast.

Meanwhile, the site this photo comes from has lots of pix of my old hometown. They're not the most artistic shots I've ever seen but it's fun to see the old town is still standing. I spent almost 20 years walking these same streets.

I have to admit though, I find the typos completely irritating. How hard is it to get the name of Thorne's market right? She spells it wrong under a picture of the bloody awning. And it's Wiggins Tavern, not wiggens. Somehow I don't think that will inspire much confidence in the quality of her knitting.


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