Monday, February 18, 2008

Downhill Tangerine

I ran across this photo when I was looking for something else and I can't remember if I ever posted it. On the far right is my old friend Billy Michael who I haven't seen since 1969. Billy was the lead singer in the first band I ever hung out with, yeah, The Downhill Tangerine. They were a great band and got a lot of gigs for a high school group. My boyfriend, Doc, was their roadie. My best friend Marleen was dating the drummer.

We spent most of our time hanging around Billy's house. We practiced there and smoked pot out in the shed/clubhouse in the back yard. Billy's parents were the coolest. Fat Will and Dolores the movie star. She really was a movie star once, or maybe you would call her a starlet but she was gorgeous and even though they knew we were getting high in the shed, they pretended not to notice. Billy is still a musician and lives on the same street. He is active in local politics which I suppose is what the photo is about. I forget the caption.

I found this photo a long time ago in the Danbury News Times reader's pix section. It's actually not that bad a newspaper in terms of news, but they have the world's worst reader's 'forum.' Oddly, I just got an email from the webmaster asking me to rejoin. I had quit going there a long time ago out of disgust. But the email claimed they had cleaned the place up and banned the egregious posters, so I went over to check it out.

What a joke. The worst offender is not only still there but is so cozy with the webmaster that reading their convos in the threads might lead one to believe they're having an affair on the side. I mean they insituted 26 rules or something and it didn't take 30 seconds to find a comment by this woman that violated at least six of them, yet she's trading simley faces with the webguy in the very next thread. Furthermore, it appears they cleaned up the place by banning the remaining leftwingers because the half dozen neo-con borgs that took the place over don't care to hear that liberal talk, according to the webmaster's apparent paramour.

I was going to leave a cranky post, but why bother? I gave up on trying to communicate with the favored elite cretins months ago and their responses are so predictable, even a fight wouldn't be interesting. Besides, I would no doubt be banned in short order. Might as well skip the middleman and ban myself.

Oh and speaking of pix, check out my new heartthrob's latest. [Yes sis, he's too young for me but our politics are so compatible.]


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