Friday, February 15, 2008

Nature's car wash

When I lived in New England they used to call the spring snow poor man's fertilizer. I forget why. It had something to do with the particulate matter in the snow at that time of year.

It would seem spring snow in the south is a lazy man's carwash. My car has been in bad need of a wash for a couple of months. I haven't done it since the weather turned cold because I usually use the do it yourself station. I was planning to do a run through the drivethrough today but I noticed when I went to the store last night that the car was sparkling clean.

Weird. We've had several rain storms that left it dirtier rather than cleaner, but apparently when the snow melted off it yesterday, it took all the dirt with it. Even the caked on mud along the footrail under the doors. And the windows are crystal clear. Glad I waited now.


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