Sunday, February 10, 2008

What a week....

It was brutal folks. I was so tired by Friday that I started really spacing out. [Yeah, yeah, hold the hippie jokes].

I used to be notorious for being really late for everything. Mostly because I couldn't find my keys or my glasses or some other vital item necessary for leaving the house. So I developed a sort of system that I follow rather faithfully. I always put the must have items in the same place. Most of the time. Not when I'm tired.

I lost my cell phone on Friday. I clearly remembered having it in my pocket earlier but it wasn't there or in my little bag, where I always keep it. I started freaking out because I don't pay for that phone, my family does and it would a huge hassle to deal with a lost one.

I'm driving home and running through my mind on where the hell it could be. I stopped by the park where I last remembered holding it and tromped around in the dark for fifteen minutes figuring I'd feel it if I stepped on it in the dead leaves where I parked the car. No luck. I was so obsessed I may have cut off a speeding car on my last turn before I got to the McCompound. I never noticed it, until the bugger passed me in a roar. Actually, I'm pretty sure I didn't cut him off, but he was going fast and I'm glad he could pass because he looked drunk, weaving all over the road at 80 mph in a 35 zone. If there was oncoming traffic he probably would have rear-ended me.

So I get home and I take my little bag out of the big satchel I carry and there's the phone. In plain sight. Where it wasn't when I looked before I left the family compound. Weird.

Yesterday wasn't much better. I went to the grocery and managed to lose my credit card. It was uncanny. I had the card and the store card in my hand. The clerk had to run the store card twice so it threw me off and when I went to pay the credit card wasn't in my hand anymore. I looked in my pocket. That's I usually put it. Not there. I looked in the wallet. The second likely place. Not there. I ended up paying with an alternate card and I'm standing there at the doorway going through my purse and the card is just gone.

Now the store is just about empty. There was nobody anywhere near me and I finally searched around the cashout and made the clerk look through the papers on top to see if had slipped out of my hand. I hung around for fifteen minutes literally emptying my wallet, purse and pockets onto the counter -- twice. No card. It's like it disappeared into thin air.

I get home and go through the whole routine again. Nothing. I'm about ready to call and cancel the card when in a flash of inspiration I checked the one place that I never thought it would be. There it was in the change pouch in my wallet. I didn't think it would even fit in there and have no recollection of putting it there in the 10 seconds it took me to lose it. Crazy. I think these guys were screwing around with me.

On a brighter note, I found a complete set of 100% cotton sheets -- that's including two pillowcases -- for only 25 bucks this week at the off price store. I don't know what possessed me to look. Their selection on sheets is usually awful and they usually don't have anything that's all cotton. The cheapest I've seen that same set was for 40 bucks on and I would have had to pay shipping. I love a bargain.

And even sweeter, I'm a semi-regular at a local Panera Bread. I'm a terrible customer really. I spend five bucks on coffee, juice and a bagel and hang around for three hours goofing on their excellent wifi. For some reason, they like me. I stopped by to pick up just a juice the other day and the cashier slipped me a free breakfast quiche. I had it for lunch. It was really good. I'd recommend it if you ever find yourself stuck at a Panera. Small but filling.

[cartoon thanks to Catfish]


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