Friday, July 02, 2010

Still alive and kicking

For those of you who might be worried, sorry to leave you hanging all week. I've widened my job search to within a 45 minute commute so there have been a few more jobs to apply for and I probably spend too much time obsessing over the cover letters and tweaking the resumes to fit the job. It takes me at least an hour to put just one application together for the better jobs. It also took a lot of time to research where to find listings for the other towns and then there's finding the bigger companies websites since they often just advertise an opening under their careers section. I'm not getting any better response but at least having more possibilites gives me the sense that I'm moving instead of dead stalled.

I suppose it's impossible for employers to at least acknowledge the receipt of your pitch anymore with the volume of applications they get, but that's really the worst part. Not even getting the standard, thank you for your resume. I was really hoping to hear from the TV station that needed a AA for the newsdirector. Hours weren't great and the commute would have been a killer but it looked like a really interesting job and my unique skill set would have been perfect for it.

Oh well, nothing to do but keep trying. I'm still surviving and not homeless yet thanks to the kindness and generosity of many people, with a big shoutout to my sister and brother. Far from out of the woods but still alive and working hard to maintain a positive outlook. Something has got to come up eventually. I'm a good worker and I've always told other people in their times of trouble that the universe gives us what we need. Now is my time to put that belief to that test for myself. And on the bright side, I didn't the get the bartending job at the nice restaurant but the sports bar across the street still hasn't opened so I haven't totally given on that one. One small glimmer of hope still twinkling for a job I could walk to.

Anyway, I've also been trying to keep up my political blogs to whatever extent I can so that's why I disappeared for the week. But I'm at the point now where I have a lot of job sites bookmarked and can just check the updates daily, so I should be posting here a bit more again. Thanks as always for sticking with me. I cherish you all dearly.


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