Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Astounding video of a vintage airplane crashing in DC. The reporter was wearing a head cam and recorded it. Nobody hurt but pretty dramatic.

If you don't see an arrow, you should be able to just click on the picture to start it up. It might take a minute to load. And I had to shorten the view to make it fit so if it doesn't work for some reason, here's the link to the post where you can view it full size.

And on a brighter note, this is an amazing coincidence. A couple about to married discover they were in the exact same spot at Disneyworld when they were little tots, but their families didn't know each other. The husband-to-be noticed his Dad in the background of her childhood photo. How cool is that?


At 7:45 PM , Blogger KeesKennis said...

I am weeping.
You wrote a poem for Eric.
But what about meeeeee.
Devasted is spelled wrong but is is an emotion.

At 10:33 AM , Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Oh Keesie, Hugs. Sorry. I just restored the blogroll this week and I'm slow in catching up. You're at the top of my list for the next blogs I want to catch up on. I'll be over today sometime and write you a limerick if you like. So glad to see you.


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