Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's a family affair

I forgot it was a holiday weekend. My brother and his family are coming in today from Alaska for the week. Sis is having a big barbecue tomorrow. Really looking forward to the family gathering. Haven't seen my brother in over 13 years. And can't wait to hang out with my cool niece who is now all grown up. Last time I saw her she was a toddler.

Meanwhile, my internet is still out so I can't use the desktop computer. Hoping it's restored today. I've finally figured out how to modify this template and I want my links back. But I've got those saved on the desktop with no way to get to them. If anyone on my old blogroll is still reading me here, can't wait to get around and see all of you. It's been much too long.

Hope everyone has a great holiday.


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