Friday, May 28, 2010

Praise be to all the benevolent spirits

For no comprehensible reason, ever since I failed one in something like 1987, I go into a major state of panic every year when I have to get my car inspected so I can renew the registration. This year was no different. I was even more freaked out because I'm new in town and had no idea where to go. The car is fine but I was worried that they would try to make me get new rear tires so I didn't want to go to a tire place to get it done.

I picked the nearest place out of the phone book that wasn't a tire shop and headed out. Apparently drove right by it and ended up on a road I've never been on, in a part of town I've never seen. As I was turning around I drove by a garage that had a big sign and it felt like the right place to go. So I circled around again and there was no way to get into from the main road. Big fence closed off the street.

On the third try I figured out that I needed to get to it from the side streets. Finally got to the place after missing the turn again one more time. In and out with a passed inspection within 20 minutes. Renewed the reg on line and I'm good to go for another year. Can't begin to describe the relief of having it over with. If I had to get new tires I would have been screwed.

And let me tell you I was praying to every God and benevolent spirit in the universe while I was waiting. Praise be to all.


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