Sunday, May 30, 2010

Yes I stole a biscuit

Posting has been light because my brother and his family are in town from Alaska. Haven't seen them in 14 years so I've been spending as much time as possible with them while they're here.

Had a great time today. We all went to breakfast and then hung out at Dad's shooting the shit, and watching the birds. They're very tame. They come to the feeders even though we're sitting just a few feet away. And even better, a family of wrens starting moving into one of the bird houses.

Very exciting. The three houses have been up there under the eaves of the shed for years and this is the first time any birds actually used one. It was great fun to watch them carrying in their furniture. They were at it for hours.

I left at dinnertime though, because I'm still so full from breakfast. We went to the buffet at Golden Corral. The food was mostly good. I ate a ridiculous amount. My favorite was the biscuits. Admit I wrapped an extra one up in a napkin and took it home for breakfast tomorrow.


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