Saturday, June 19, 2010

Where was I

Just realized I haven't posted all week. Been busy with the job hunt and trying to get my life in order here. Going to the laundramat was the highlight of the week. And it's been hot for most of the time. If it wasn't for pasta salad, I would probably starve. But enough about my boring week.

My friend Brian had the most brilliant idea I've ever heard for a birthday gift. He's a musician with lots of musical friends of course. The musicians community is very close in Noho. They sit in on each other's bands and hang out together in their personal lives.

So for Thane's birthday, Brian got a bunch of them to record covers of Thane's songs and made it into a two disc album. It's a rare and magnificent compliation. Especially if you know the local bands. You can listen to it here,, and download it for free if you like.

Not a gift that's easily imitated, but wow. Wish I could do something that great for the people I love.


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