Friday, June 11, 2010

Hot time in the Little City

Went downtown to catch the end of the bi-monthly Friday night concert. Better band than last time. Didn't quite catch the name but they were from Chapel Hill. Older front man with a bunch of younger guys who were good musicians. They were playing some rockabilly thing when I got there and weren't really connecting with the crowd. Interestingly, breaking out the 60s to 80s covers got the people dancing.

Crowd wasn't as big as last week but it was decent. The upper class crowd gather around the beer and wine tent and make earnest small talk.

The more colorful types and older folks hang around the fringes of the dance area. I got the impression this tattoo guy was kind of big wheel in his crowd. Lot of people came over to talk to him. Think they're party people. Lots of tiedye in that group. And his wife had a really nice camera that I coveted.

There's a big playground at the church that borders the block they close off. Lots of kids. Loved these three.

And I was just entranced with this little girl with the silver beads in her hair. Missed some great shots. She didn't really dance. Mostly stood out in the middle watching. But she didn't stay in one spot long. Was lucky to get this one as she was running back to her mom just as the light was failing.

I was about the only one alone there, but people were friendly. It was more fun than I expected.


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