Thursday, June 24, 2010

Job Hunting

The job hunting has been dismal. I've had no calls from the applications I put into the retail stores. The most humiliating experience so far was when I tried to apply to a new Dairy Queen franchise at a local gas station/convenience store. I asked for an application and the guy literally sneered at me and told me they didn't have any. When I asked him when they would get more, he said he didn't know. I asked him when the manager was around and he didn't know that either. He then informed me they probably wouldn't be taking any more apps anyway because they got so many already.

On the bright side, I did get interviews for the two bartending jobs I applied for downtown. I thought they went pretty well, but I haven't bartended in over five years and I think they were worried I couldn't handle it without more recent experience. Or maybe they just didn't want to tell me I'm too old. In any event, they haven't called me but I'm holding out a tiny hope that the new bar still might call since they haven't opened yet.

Meanwhile, the only place I haven't considered trying at this point is WalMart. It would be pretty ironic if the only job I can get is as a WalMart greeter. Sometimes I wish I had never left Northampton. If I had stayed, I would still have a job, and a savings account and a retirement account and wouldn't be in this mess right now.


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