Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy Independence Day

I read this week that 26% of Americans don't know why we celebrate this holiday. Maybe it's because we stopped calling it Independence Day. Of course, I've also heard almost that many don't know that Hawaii is a state so maybe it's just that our schools aren't doing their job anymore. Whatever, despite our problems, this is a still a really great country and it's good to celebrate its birthday. Most people are posting the national anthem, but I've always liked this song better.

But if you're a traditionalist Marvin Gaye's Star Spangled Banner is really nice. And for the old hippies, the 60s classic from Jimi Hendrix never gets old.

Also, in honor of the holiday, fun interactive google logo today. Enjoy your celebrations and be careful shooting off those fireworks. Heard some guy in New York state already blew his arm off.


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