Monday, May 19, 2008

Hit and Run

I lied again. I didn't answer any email, so I'm now two weeks behind and I didn't figure out future posts so I'm just cross posting this from my other blog.

Here's some pictures of places I've been, taken by other people who have been there too.

I climbed all 383 steps at Notre Dame so I could get up close to this guy and this one and this one and him too. It was worth the climb. But I've never been to Valencia. I bet that one is impressive in person.

Remembering that trip, that I dubbed the Virgin Mary tour, one of the single most impressive buildings I've ever been in was the Mezquita in Cordoba. It's hard to convey how vast it is from the inside. It covers an entire city block.

I really liked Cordoba. The Alcazar's garden was one of the nicer ones I saw and it was the first time I saw a live stork. It was living in a chimney, just like in the fairy tales. And the little neighborhoods were just charming.

And this one is for my sister and Dad especially. They'll remember this place. It looks better now than it did back then. A short vid of the movie house where I spent many a Saturday afternoon watching continous showings of the same film. You could get in the door for 35 cents and they never kicked you out.


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