Sunday, October 29, 2006

No such thing as bad publicity

Blogger has been a major PITA for the last three days. It's takes a dozen tries to get anything to post. I think they might be punishing me for not signing onto the beta version. But on the off chance that this will make it to the blog eventually, Loretta Nall is on the BBC website today, featured in a blog post by the incredibly rude and crude Guto Harri. I've been trying to leave this comment over there without success.
While it's true Loretta doesn't have the campaign funding of the political machine's fat cats, she is certainly a credible candidate with an impressive platform. She has a plan to make the government work for the people, rather than the people being subjegated by the government, as is currently the case.

Alabama couldn't ask for a better governor than Loretta Nall and the only reason her breasts are an issue is because of male pundits who lose their heads when they're confronted with cleavage. She's got brains to go with those boobs and it's a darn shame that none of the journalists who are titilated by this story are able to focus on the anatomy above her shoulders.
Feel free to jump in. This guy needs to be set straight. What a jerk.

Update: I take back all the mean things I said about Guto. He issued a very gracious apology in the comment section.


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