Monday, October 23, 2006

Loretta Nall for Governor of Alabama

Whoohoo! My pal Loretta hit the national news. She did an interview with the AP yesterday and there's 120 stories on Google News. Just about every major MSM picked it up off the wire . She's on Fox, CBS, in the WaPo. Heck even The Guardian picked up the story.

I still think she can pull it off. This is just the kind of eleventh hour attention that could make a difference and how cool would it be if a honest candidate with no money and no connections scored an upset victory? Meanwhile, I'm enjoying a residual Lorettalaunche. I'm getting hundreds of google hits. My favorite search terms:
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It's crazy really. She has a lot to say about the issues but the press, and apparently the hoi polloi, gets excited by her boobs and her panties. Fine. Take a good look, but her best asset is above her shoulders.

It's okay to love her for her boobs but listen to what she has to say and vote for her for her brains. Write in Loretta Nall. She will make a damn fine governor.


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