Thursday, October 19, 2006

Our State Fair... a great State Fair. Don't miss it. Don't even be late... I have that old musical running in my head but this state fair wasn't anything like that one. I'll have more to say tomorrow, and more pix, but right now I'm just going to post some photos and call it a night.

It's a really big fairgrounds. There's three midways this size. We got there in the daylight, but it was dark but by the time we made our way around the loop.

John sprang for the rides. I thought nine bucks for two people to take one rickety ride was outrageous. This ferris wheel I think went around three, maybe four times. The teacup baskets were interesting though. You didn't get the sense of going over the top when you're under the struts.

It was dark by the time we got on this ride -- against my better judgment. I should have suggested the other traditional ferris wheel but I went on this one because the pictures on the canopy reminded me of a carousel I used to love. I was glad this one was short. I was so dizzy, I could barely walk when I got off it. I can't do those lateral rides any more.

We did not go on this ride. It's not that I'm afraid of fake zombies -- well okay I am a little -- it was more that the air tends to be bad inside those rides and if memory serves, they often smell like piss.


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