Thursday, October 26, 2006

Taking drug testing into the Twilight Zone

It figures Florida would come up with the lame brained idea of drug testing librarians and library volunteers. You know, those little gray haired ladies and stoop shouldered bald men who putter around reshelving books and giving out directions to the rest rooms.

The average age of these volunteers ranges from 60-85. Chances are they're spaced out on prescription meds but it seems unlikely any of them are going to be trying to sell heroin to schoolchildren and other library patrons. As Bill Maher points out, "The last time a librarian did something really stupid and reckless on drugs was when Laura married George."

Unsurprisingly, the number of volunteers dropped to 2, after the policy was instituted. It seems our senior citizens would rather quit than drive a long distance to be subjected to a humiliating test. I have a idea though about how to clamp down on the government's overweaning interest in our pee.

Before one more new drug testing rule is made law, every politician should be forced to undergo the piss test themselves. And while we're at it, maybe we ought to subject Capitol Hill and all the state legislatures to one of those random drug sweeps they're so fond of foisting off on schoolchildren. How many of them would sit quietly for those tactics being perpetrated on themselves? And how many would pass the test?


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