Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Vote for Nall Y'All

I've been neglecting my pal Loretta Nall lately. She didn't gather enough signatures to get on the printed ballot for Governor of Alabama, which is not really a surprise since the requirements are so odious as to be impossible to reach without significant funding which she doesn't have. She's been running on a shoestring and is now mounting a sticker campaign. She's running out of money but I'll let her tell you about it.
Dear Supporters and Friends, I am very saddened to come to you today with the news that the Loretta Nall for Governor Campaign is on the verge of folding due to not having operating funds. If we have not raised $500 by July 13, 2006 then I will have to cease campaign operations because there will not be power or internet at HQ.

I still have upcoming events on my campaign calendar. On October 10, 2006 I will be addressing the Birmingham Sunrise Rotary Club, October 30, 2006 I will be addressing the University of Montevallo Progressive Alliance, and Jefferson State Community College Newspaper is writing an article about my candidacy.

Other things in the works are the debates. Due to not having ballot access I will not be invited to participate in the debates. That being the case I have decided that I will show up and try to participate anyway. After I am denied I will set up my video and computer equipment in the parking lot and answer the questions in real time over the internet.

Other things that require funds are my radio ads. They played in the Montgomery market for three weeks. They need to be playing in every major market in the state of Alabama. A new left/right talk show in Birmingham has offered me a spot on their show. Starting in August 101.1 The Source will air two ads for my campaign on Sunday afternoon. These ads are 60 seconds and $45 each spot. A three month contract will be $1080 and will run all the way through the general election in November.

The campaign still needs signs. I have new ones ordered to reflect the write-in campaign, but not nearly enough to have the impact that I need to have in this election. Freedom is not free and neither is campaigning for it. My opponents have millions of dollars and hordes of people to do their work. I only have myself and a few dedicated supporters and look at all that we have accomplished in the last 8 months. We have come too far to let lack of a few measley dollars close down this campaign.
Loretta has done so much for drug policy reform and her candidacy has kept the issue in the forefront of Bama politics. If you have some spare cash please make a donation and keep her campaign alive.


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