Sunday, July 02, 2006


This place is so damp because of all the trees. It's funny, my neighbor and I have own little microclimate because we're the only ones with really dense trees. It was a hot dry day but after all the rain, the fungi are sprouting relentlessly. This bad old boy just sprang up overnight, or so it seemed. It's hard to give context with this little camera but it's four inches high and almost that in girth.

I have better close up of the ghostly white ones and they're very cool. So purely white and the caps looked like rubber but I'm using this one instead for the little brown guys you can hardly see in the middle. This is what it looked like late yesterday. In real life it looked like something you would see in a Vaugh Bode cartoon.
But tonight when I checked, it had all changed again. And now it looks like this. All those little brown ones popped open like cocktail umbrellas and the white ones dissolved like deflated balloons. I can't wait to go out tomorrow and see what's popped up next. [Click the photos for a larger versions with better detail]

Life in the country. The excitement never ends....


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