Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Cooking with grass

I'm beginning to break through to some sense of normalcy in my frenzied brain this morning. Listening to this clip of Rob signing in the old days that Lil Toni posted really seemed to help. I listened to it a couple of times last night and cried my eyes out and it felt very releasing at last. Maybe it was because hearing his voice made the man I was grieving more flesh and blood and I was able to let go of the regrets. But who knows. I'm working so I don't have time to analyze what I consider to be something of an overreaction to Rob's passing but I do want to move on with living so I'm going to post this little funny thing quick.

I was checking the referral logs last night and found this query, "how long does pot brownies last." A good question for anyone wanting to ingest the herb directly instead of smoking it so I thought I would answer the question in case they didn't find the answer in the post they clicked.

It depends on the potency of the weed you use to make the brownies and how much you used in the batter but in general a small brownie will take about an hour to "come on" before you feel the effects and then you will feel the effects from 6 to 12 hours. It's definitely a different sort of "high" than smoking a joint. In fact it's often not so much a high as a sense of altered perception. Hope that answers your question.


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