Saturday, June 24, 2006

Slip sliding away...

I have early call and should have been to bed hours ago but since I slept in so late this morning, I can't fall asleep. I am feeling much better but I'm still way spacey and it takes forever to do anything. It took an hour to get out of the grocery store even though I didn't really buy anything and I forgot the most important item on my list. I even carried a real list but forgot a pen so I couldn't check things off. I got screwed up when I remembered I hadn't eaten since breakfast and needed to come home with something I could eat right away. I spent a ridculous amount of time deciding what looked appealing and also decided to throw out all my condiments and start over to be sure nothing had gone bad. I mean even mustard spoils after some amount of months doesn't it? So I came back with new mustard and no ice. The Gatorade is a lot better with ice but fortunately I still enough of that left for tonight in the freezer. I can get a bag tomorrow.

I did come home with an obscene amount of Gatorade though. And hearty white bread and black forest ham. I had a ham sandwich and it went down alright. I feel better for it, which is more than I can say for the sandwich this morning. I'm almost getting my appetite back. I might try to have another half a sandwich before I go to bed. I think a full belly will help me sleep.

I decided to shave my legs when I took a shower, just in case I end up in the hospital after all which is apparently is still a remote possiblity. I forget what the doc said about that. Something about if I vomit or if my next blood work comes back bad. I was feeling blitzed as that point from getting two liters of saline dumped into my body in record time. My ears felt like they were blocked from an awkward descent in an airplane. I rarely listen to that part of spiel anyway. I figure my family medics will tell me what I need to know on a need to know to basis. And God bless em for helping me get through this stuff. It's really better for me not to know too much. I'm too easily freaked out.


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