Monday, June 19, 2006

Old drug, new scare tactics

Bob, the Solon of Vleeptron has an informative post complete with dancing molecules, that tells us everything we want to know, and maybe don't, about the "new" scary, killer drug, fentanyl that has been making the news lately on account of a lot of overdoses attributed to it. I put new in quotes because it's been around and has been abused by addicts since the 70s.

More interesting, is that governments have employed it for law enforcement purposes. For instance, if you remember the hostage crisis in Russia where over a hundred hostages were killed when the police gassed the place to "rescue" them from their captors -- that was fentanyl gas. And I didn't know this:
During the 1970s, in a program dubbed ARCADE, the Pentagon researched fentanyl and its chemical cousins as possible riot-control agents, says Matthew S. Meselson, a Harvard University molecular biologist and a chemical weapons expert. Edward Hammond, director of the nonprofit Sunshine Project, says, "The U.S. has been looking at opiates as so-called incapacitating chemical weapons since at least 1994."
Nice huh? They spend billions to allegedly keep drugs out of the hands of the people and then spend millions figuring out how to use the same drugs to control us and keep us down. There's lots more including musical interludes at Vleeptron. Check it out.


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