Saturday, June 17, 2006

Gone squirrelly

Man, another day frittered away in long winded comments on other blogs and forums. I should just copy everything I wrote everywhere else and paste it here but nothing I said was all that worth repeating. The new blood pressure med are making me feel kind of unfocused. Or maybe I'm just tired, but for the last couple of days time just slides away like mud in a rainstorm.

I did go for a walk this evening in the interests of my new health kick. It's really a beautiful little neighborhood. I saw three bunnies and there's a dozen different birds that serenaded me in the twilight while the swallows looped wildly over my head. I like that stuff but you know, I'm missing the bustle of living in town this week. Living in the country is a little lonely when you're by yourself. When I lived in Noho, my little solitary soujourns ended at the bar for a brewski with some friends.

I'm afraid I'm in danger of turning into one of those eccentric old ladies that never leaves the house and has a dozen cats. Heck I'm getting close. There's these three cats that have been prowling the yard for weeks now. The grey male was friendly at first but now all three of them are very skitterish. I'm pretty sure someone dumped them off and they're going feral but it's hard to say. They don't look starving but they're starting to look a little peaked and they chase bugs all the time. I think they're hungry but I'm struggling mightily not to start feeding them. Not easy since I have a free sample of some kind of cat food sitting on my kitchen table and the calico female was just sitting by driveway and meowing when I came home tonight.

I wouldn't mind feeding them if they stayed as outdoor cats but I don't want them to start depending on me. I'm not going to be here forever and if I start feeding them, then I'd have to find someone to take over when I leave. Besides, I can't deal with having pets or I would have got myself a little lap dog a long time ago.

Meanwhile, I've inadvertently started the feeding the squirrels. I don't eat the heels of bread but I always feel guilty just tossing them in the trash so I started throwing it outside for the birds. It took me a while to realize the birds were sneering at it, but the squirrels thought it was just great. Now every time I go out on the porch to warm up in the morning, there's five or six of them waiting in the trees to see if I've got anything. I should stop doing it but I'm finding it entertaining to watch the pecking order.

I think they're all the same family. There's one big fat guy who always gets to go first and the rest of them have to sneak in and grab a piece and run. I always feel bad for the littlest guy. He gets shortchanged every time but he's spunky and still manages to grab a bite or two. He's my favorite but then again, I've been cheering for the little guys with big spirit all my life.


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