Thursday, June 15, 2006

Walking pharmaceutical miracle

I bitch a lot about big pharma but they're probably keeping me alive. Went back to the doc's again today for a followup. I don't why it takes three hours to see the doctor for ten minutes but it always does. I suspect it's all the pharma salespeople that tie up their time. I saw three go in while I was hanging around there. But like I said, if it wasn't for the drugs, I probably would have stroked out by now.

My BP sucks. 180 over 100 this morning but I just started the new med (a week late) so probably I should have waited another week to go in. And after all these years somebody finally noticed my cholesterol is double the healthy number so I've added two new pills to my daily regime. I have to go on a brand name for the cholesterol pill which is too bad. For some reason unknown to me, my insurance company doesn't charge any co-pay on generics. This pill doesn't come in a generic yet so I'm betting it will be a $30 dollar copay. That should be an incentive to change my lifestyle.

How ironic really. When I lived up north, I had a high stress job, I often partied and drank too much, I smoked a pack of cigs a day and I never cooked for myself then either and my blood pressure was bad but not this bad. The difference, I'm convinced is, I walked a lot in that town. I only used my car about once a month and I ate take out food from real restaurants so my meals were better balanced. I don't think I've had a fresh vegetable more than three times in the last year outside of the occassional salad.

What I need is a new boyfriend that cooks but since that seems unlikely to happen, I'm turning over a new leaf here folks. Sell your stock in Lean Cuisine and Stouffers. I'm giving up frozen food. I have four more days off and I'm going to unpack my pots and pans and start cooking fresh food, or at least see if I still remember how to do anything besides boil water. And I'm going to pry myself away from the computer for an hour a day and walk or swim or something. It couldn't hurt.


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