Sunday, June 11, 2006

Shaken, not stirred

I often suffer from insomnia but generally once I fall asleep, an earthquake won't wake me up. I know this because I have actually slept through an earthquake. Thus it was surprising to find myself abruptly shaken awake by a thunderstorm in the wee hours this morning. Actually the thunder was rumbling so deep that the ground actually trembled and I thought at first it really was an earthquake or my house was slipping off its foundations or something. It was a only a brief distraction though. Having determined I wasn't about to be buried in debris, I immediately slipped back into the arms of Morpheus until the alarm so rudely interupted my dreams again.

It was supposed to go on like this all day and for a while it looked promising. I do so love a good thunder storm but the weather guys here are just as bad as in New England. The clouds passed through and the sun is merrily turning the neighborhood into a steam bath. I guess I still may venture out and see if that really was a huge rattle snake I saw in the road in this morning. I'm pretty sure it was squished and I'd like to get a look at it before the crows finish it off for breakfast or some neighborhood kid makes off with it as a trophy for their clubhouse.

Meanwhile, the schedule has changed so I'm working through until Tuesday. Posting will continue to be erractic and more likely in the evening hours. I'm hoping to get out of here at a decent hour today but there's no guarantees in this business, so I'll be back when I get back.


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