Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Dia del Diablo

I'm the most superstitious person you'll ever meet and I'm big into omens. Usually, if I'm in a store and my tab is $6.66, I'd grab something off the counter -- anything -- to change the total. I don't need the devil around me, if you know what I mean. Yeah, I know it's silly, but why take chances?

Oddly, I was in the grocery store a few days ago and got the Beelzebub total and didn't bother to change it. Neither was I really thinking about today being THE DAY until the really eerie thunder storms rolled in. The first one was just one big, fat, really black cloud, hanging so low I could almost touch it. I never saw any lightning.

It carried on like that for a couple of hours, with random clouds rumbling through, half-heartedly spitting rain. Just before I left for home, the sun broke through and made the rainbow.

On the way home, the clouds were breaking up and wispy, little, pools of steam hugged the road grabbing at the tires of the passing cars. The rainbow danced in and out of view several more times. And in the west, the sun set the remnants of the storm on fire. It was all quite glamorous. It felt like a good omen. Maybe mankind will survive after all.

More photos here.


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