Sunday, June 04, 2006


I've been wanting to invent a meme and I think I have it. I'm going to try it out anyway. It's obviously called 11:11 -- which happens to be my lucky number by the way -- and there no rule except it has to be two categories with 11 items in each. So here goes....

11 cities I've slept in:

1. Treasure Beach, Jamaica
2. Albufeira, Portugal
3. Amsterdam
4. Paris
5. Barcelona
6. Brussels
7. Tulum, Mexico
8. Monteverde, Costa Rica
9. San Pedro, Ambergris Cay - Belize
10. New York City
11. New Orleans

11 TV shows I loved as a kid:

1. Soupy Sales
2. Superman
3. The Sandy Becker Show
4. Captain Kangaroo
5. Rin Tin Tin
6. Sky King
7. My Friend Flicka
8. Lassie
9. Roy Rogers Show
10. National Velvet
11. Lone Ranger

And there you go. It was fun. I'm too erratic to make it a weekly feature but I think I'll do it again. I can think of a few more categories I might try. I don't do the tagging thing, so if you like it, steal it and pass it on.


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