Thursday, June 01, 2006

Say Hey

I'm trying a new trick of just adding to the blogroll as I go, so if I haven't unearthed your link that I saved someplace and can't find anymore, forgive me and in the meantime say hello to Hujonwi, who I put into Drunks & Poets along with the rest of the Southern Wildmen. I think he might be a little less crazy than the rest but I don't know him that well yet, so check him out and let me know if you think I should move him to another category.

And all hail his royal highness, Simbaud, the King of Zembla who I've been meaning to add to the leftie section for so long I've lost his link at least four times. In the meantime he kindly flatters me by anointing The Impolitic with the royal seal of approval. Thanks sire and pray I may ameliorate my tardiness by linking to the royal blog twice.


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