Thursday, June 01, 2006

Monkey wench

This is fun. If you click into the photo gallery, that's my friend's monkey, Akwadoo, at number six. I hear she's a shameless thief but obviously so adorable they forgive her for it.

Closer to home, I heard a squirrel talking today. I keep the doors open most of the time so the I can hear the cacaphony out there and I've been wondering what that sound was. It doesn't sound anything like the squirrels up north. Those guys sort of chittered, a high clickety sound. This little guy on the tree emitted this low guttural call, kind of halfway between a crow and a heron. I don't know, maybe it was a mating call. The little varmints have been chasing each other all the over the place for a week or so.

Meanwhile, the lightning bugs have arrived. I saw a few this evening and I expect it should be pretty magical out in the front yard in about a week. I wonder about lightning bugs. They seem to have such a short season. They never last the whole summer. Maybe the tree frogs eat them. They seem to arrive together and the frog population grows but the bugs disappear.


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