Saturday, June 10, 2006

What's up Doc?

I went to the doctor on my one day off to deal with the blood pressure. It's terrible. But nobody knows for sure how terrible. It's hard to have a lot of confidence in this practice. I go in and the young nurse is snippy is with me. She takes my reading and I know she's not doing it right. I've had the cuff about a thousand times and it wasn't pumped right at all. She looks at me over her glasses and says in this accusatory tone, 179 over 120 and leaves the room.

So the doc comes in, young guy, younger than me. He looks annoyed at the reading and takes it himself. 160 over 102, or something like that, he tells me with this look that speaks volumes about how much he dislikes his nurse. I'm sitting there thinking, "Great. The world's biggest hypochondriac who's come down the symptoms from the latest episode of House -- which she should not watch but can't help it because she loves the crotchety doc -- is caught in the middle of some interoffice schlang."

Then I get I blood draw for the cholesteral issues and it appears I have a new phlebotimist who tells me she has doesn't have enough labels and has to ask someone else which vein to hit. To her credit she did a good job. I just hope the label thing worked out. Thankfully it's not a very busy office. Maybe I should worry about that but I'm chalking it up to being such a small town.

He put me on some new med that I tried to get filled at the pharmacy tonight. The guy who takes your script said it would be fifteen minutes. I said I would wait. After memorizing the new big fancy digs for twenty minutes, I realized they have 15 people working in the pharmacy but only one pharmacist and something bad was happening with a script before mine. Unfortunately by that point, ten people decided to come in and pick up troublesome prescriptions that requries great consultation with the clerks and I still needed to pick up my monthly call in stuff. I ended up wasting a half an hour there and came home without the new meds.

Meanwhile, the doc suggested that I start taking tranqs in the morning in the interim. I'm surely muy tranquilo but I'm still blind tired and tomorrow is likely to be really long, so I'm calling it a night.


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