Saturday, June 17, 2006

Weird wildlife

I have an inbox full of drug war stuff that I just can't bear to even look at tonight so let me tell one more story about critters that inhabit my little universe. I'm on my way to work during the "hurricane" we had earlier this week which didn't amount to much here. I always cut it close on these early mornings. So when I look into the side view mirror and see an huge freaking Daddy Long Leg spider clinging to it, I don't have time to get back out of the car and try to brush it off. I figure when I back out of the carport, the rain will dislodge it anyway and all will be well.

Well, he didn't move in the rain while I negotiated the driveway and I'm not ready to be late and get wet just to save a spider so I figure, well he'll get blown off when I get on the main road. But I'll be darned if he didn't cling to that mirror the whole way. I almost went off the road watching him. He managed to hook one of his legs around the edge of the mirror and just hung on the whole way.

So then I figure, well he's just moved to a new neighborhood. I expected, once he got over the trauma of the ride he would hop off and hope never to see a car again. But damn if after 12 hours, he was still on the car when I went home. He had crawled way into the space between the mirror and the car door and was all curled up and looking traumatized. And he rode that way all the way back home. Never moved.

The next day he was gone. I like to think he went home to his little spider family and stayed up late telling them the story of his big adventure. And he would end with, "Let that be a lesson to you youngun's. Never crawl on that big black thing in the carport in the morning..."


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