Saturday, June 24, 2006

Still alive

I want to thank everybody for the kind comments and emails. It appears my number is not quite up yet and I'm going to live for while longer anyway. The doc told me last night that I wasn't going to feel really normal for a couple more days but I almost didn't believe him this morning cause I woke up feeling pretty darn good. Of course I slept for 12 hours as well, and woke up of my own volition. I was having dreams about old friends, mostly from Noho and some Moroccan hash. I saw a lot of people I miss and I got to finsh the dream. Although I can't quite remember it, I woke up feeling kind of surrounded by people I love.

Anyway I got home, caught up on reading the DetNews, put up a hefty post and had a sandwich while I started reading some blogs. All of sudden I was hit with a dizzy spell that made the other ones look like fun. I had to lie down for a while. I've been moving pretty slow since then. But I've been pumping the Gatorade as instructed all day long and am beginning to feel more restored again.

I also managed spill a full glass of it all over the desk this morning. It could have been worse. There was so much paper piled up on it, that it sort of formed a damn and poured off the front and not into the surge protector. So the desk got a long overdue cleaning. Of course the wet paper is scattered around on the rug drying, so the mess merely moved but luckily the rug was newly vacuumed and now I have to organize the papers which was also badly needed. I know it's cliche but things really do happen for a reason. Getting that stuff organized will make me feel better.

Ironically, I took the cursed pills in the first place to solve the blood pressure problem. That was partly due to eating too much salt in all those frozen dinners and other processed food. Now since it worked so well, so fast, I'm forced to raise my salt intake again. Too bad because my blood pressure had dropped significantly. Not into a healthy zone but into readings I would have found comfortable to live with.

In any event, I'm moving slow but my brain is working better again so I'll be back with more later but at the moment I want to go out and corner the market on Gatorade at the local Food Lion -- it's on sale and I have a feeling I'm going to need to drink it for a while.


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