Friday, June 30, 2006

Lord, I hope there's wifi in heaven....

...Cuz that's where our Acidman 's gone.
Could you please give him a computer connection,
So he can hear my goodbye song.

Well, I guess I'm not quite done yet with Rob Smith. I remain confounded by the effect his death has had on me. It's even more stunning to see that I am not alone in my confusion over feeling so profoundly bereft. The phenonmenon that was Gut Rumbles is morphing into something even bigger than Acidman could have imagined.

I'm looking around and something magical is happening in Blogtopia. In life Acidman inspired many to start blogs. In his death he's inspired them to start writing in them. Perhaps we're all just trying to fill the space he left in our lives by filling the empty bandwidth with words. Maybe it's his spirit got so big it exploded and a little splinter of it lodged in the hearts of all those who came to care for him and launched their muse. Whatever the reason, it's a beautiful thing to behold. Posts are pouring from blogs that have been long dormant and they're gorgeous and inspired musings. I think he would have been pleased.

And I know he would have been proud to know he "fathered" yet another blogdaughter, even after his passing. Actually because of his passing. His long time reader and commenter, Cindi finally started a blog just so she could participate in The Carnival of the Blogfaddah. She's off to a fabulous start at Over the Rainbow with a beautiful tribute along with links to some of his best posts. I especially liked her end quote.
Sometimes, when one person is missing, the whole world seems depopulated. ~Lamartine
With Rob gone, Cindi won't get her Acidbath from Gut Rumbles, but I think Rob would want her to have one, so please click on over and if you have a blog, pass on the link.

Meanwhile, on the day of Rob's funeral, another long time reader and commenter, brought a new life into the world. This showed up in the comments.
At 9:55am, my wife (Steph) gave birth to a very healthy baby boy weighing 10lbs 4oz. In light of recent events we have decided to name our son Robert Mathias. We just hope our son is as honest and gusty as Rob was...
To that I'd say, careful what you wish for, but a hearty congratulations to the proud parents. If there is wifi in heaven, I think Rob is looking at all of this and loving it.


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