Monday, July 03, 2006

Thunder.... Lightning.....

Whoa Nellie. There's a big mother of a storm just about three miles west of me right now. I can hear it but the lightning isn't too close yet. It may pass just to the south of me by about about quarter mile or it could take a good swipe right at the house. The house itself is sturdy enough, it's solid brick but my trees are not healthy and they are tall. A big wind alone could take one down but if one gets struck, it could be very interesting night.

I can hear the thunder rolling closer even as I type this. Chances are I'll lose power. If it gets too close I may shut the 'puter anyway. I have a really surge protector but no point in taking chances. It's moving pretty fast. I kind of hope it gets close but doesn't hit direct. I do so love a good storm.

Addendum: Oh darn, it looks like it's missed me already. The air is a little cooler though.


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