Sunday, July 16, 2006

Lest we forget

So I get up at the crack of dawn, I've had my coffee, I'm in the shower and the phone rings. Yeah, I get the day off but I now I'm awake at an ungodly hour so what do I do? Too late to go back to bed, so I went a little tour of the Rumblesphere. Judging from my emails, nobody is "getting" my early morning befuddled sense of humor in the comment sections. I have to stop leaving comments before I gain full consciousness level.... but then again nobody but my dear friend Karen ever understands my jokes anyway.

In any event, the Acidman continues to occupy our thoughts. Marcus and Yabu have had enough of the mourning period. They declare it's time to delink and move on. I'm cool with that for them, they're probably right, but I'm just a sentimental old fool. I won't delink Gut Rumbles as long as the archives remain on line. I'm with Elisson, I'm not ready to remove all traces of my departed friends. I have at least three dead people in my email address book that I'll never delete. It's all about the momentos for me.

Speaking of Elisson, he gets the quote of the day with, "Anal retentive? Hell, I’m anal-acquisitive." Know just what you're talking about El. He also kindly posts the interview Rob did with a local TV station about blogging via the magic of YouTube. I don't know if Rob got to see it before he died, but if there is wifi in heaven, he's surely pleased to see it going out to the world at large.

Meanwhile, I don't know why I haven't connected with James Hooker before this. I see him in the comment sections occassionally but never followed his link until now I guess. He wrote a beautiful song in Rob's memory. He's a great musician and will be going on the blogroll. Maybe I can get him to do something with my lyrics, if I ever finish them. I added a couple of more lines the other day.

And the tributes continue. Accidental Verbosity will be hosting a special Carnival of the Vanities with an Acidman theme. I think I'll probably contribute something. It will the first time I've entered the carnival since I hosted the Gilligan's Isle COTV ages ago. I think it was carnival #77 or something and they're up to #200 now. The deadline on this one is coming right up so get your entries in right away if you want to join in.

I think in the end, because Rob left us too damn suddenly and too soon, it's going to take a long time to say goodbye.


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