Friday, July 14, 2006

Coors heir busted for DWI

Okay, I don't condone drunk driving and I'm certainly no fan of the Coors family, but this is such a bogus bust. The guy is coming home from a wedding, just barely over the limit, one block from his house and he gets hauled in? Okay he ran a stop sign. Was he speeding? I'd bet he rolled through it like everyone in his exclusive neighborhood does. He didn't hurt anyone. They could have let him leave the car there and walk the block home.

Even more ridiculous is that MADD is sighing that he got such special treatment. They hauled him into jail from a block away from his home. Any normal Jake would have likely caught a break in a situation like that. They hauled him in because he was well known and they didn't want to be accused of favoritism.

Personally, unless they have proof he was driving to endanger on the major roads, I don't think he should he been arrested at all.


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