Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Strange days have found us

I've had that Doors song in my head all day. Life has taken on a strange synchronicity this week. The odd chain of propane leaks had me thinking of Revelations. And last night I had a sex dream about one of my old bosses at the law firm. I probably have had one or two a year for the 20 years I've know him. The weird part is he emailed me this afternoon and I haven't heard from him in weeks.

I think this is an omen that it's time for a new boyfriend. Or at least some semblence of a social life that would include people in the real world. I suppose I should at least keep my resolution to get to the blues club in town for a couple of gigs. I haven't made one yet and there's some good shows coming up. It's well past time for me to get over losing the convenience of living in lovely downtown Noho, where I could just walk out the door and meet up with people by the time I got to the end of the block.


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