Sunday, July 09, 2006

It's party time....

I've never met this guy but any man that calls himself Beer for Brains is on my list of bloggers I'd like to meet some day. His friends are throwing him a party for his birthday today and the gifts are hard to top but I think I managed to find something appropriate that he didn't already get.

You gotta do something with all those empties and this looks like a good hobby for him to take up. Meanwhile, it's not a party without party girls. I couldn't decide which one he'd like better, so I'm sending the whole crew for him to peruse at leisure. Warning: this second link is not safe for work. Heck it's not safe for home use. Hard to believe it's a Blogger blog. I thought they had rules about this.... but I figure a Marine should be able to handle it.

Have a happy one Joe and many happy returns.


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