Saturday, July 08, 2006

Best intentions

I started the day with them and have been feeling pretty good for a few days since I dropped the beta blocker but I decided to walk the one block to the store this afternoon and had a godawful dizzy spell on the street. I wasn't sure whether to go home or keep going. I kept going because I figured if I was going to pass out it would be better to do it where there were people around. I had to sit down there for a good few minutes before I could even buy my lottery ticket.

I didn't pass out but I've been feeling really weird since, even after taking a tranq and laying down for an hour. I hope to be back a little later once I'm feeling more myself again. For the moment I think I'll try taking a shower just in case I drop dead. At least I'll be clean with good underwear on.

Sometimes it's scary when you live alone....


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