Friday, July 07, 2006

Heard it through the grapevine....

Elisson is celebrating his second blogiversary so go on over and wish him a happy. I love his blog. He's a great storyteller and he's so Jewish but so Jawja Cracker too. I just adore that improbable combination. And he's so dependable. He does his iPod shuffle just about Friday.

A lot of people do that meme. I always feel kind of bad that I can't participate in these things. But I realized tonight, just because I'm low tech doesn't keep me out of the running. They have iPods. I have Pandora. So here's what slipped out of my Pandora's Box tonight.
Let's Go Get Stoned - Joe Cocker - Mad Dogs and Englishmen

Hill Country Rain - Jerry Jeff Walker

I'm One of You - Hank Williams

Tonight's the Night - Neil Young

Sam Stone - John Prine

My Heart Would Know - Hank Williams

The Hobo Song - John Prine

Get Together - Youngbloods

Gettin By - Jerry Jeff Walker

Talkin About You - Sawyer Brown
I thought it was a somewhat cosmic song list. It suited my mood and it seemed to be a fitting soundtrack for the epilogue of the blog drama that everyone bitched about, but followed closely. I say good for them. It was time to close the curtain on that show and I like the way they handled the final act.


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