Sunday, July 09, 2006

Life's little miracles

My old hometown paper is ridiculous. They charge hundreds of dollars to get access to their on-line version so I can only read the blog they post during the week and look at the photo galleries. I still go and read the headlines and the obits. But I think it's really dumb for such a small paper to have a paywall. I would link to them a lot if they didn't.

I see they did a feature this week on my old boss. I can't even steal the photo because it's protected but that's Jonathan Zachary Souweine in the striped shirt. Yes, the very same Souweine that Tracy Kidder wrote the book House about.

JZ was diagnosed with leukemia shortly before I left the Valley. It was a long haul to recovery but I think he's looking pretty darn good and he's back to work. The story is about the anonymous donor who saved his life with a blood transfusion. They discovered his identity just about when the recovery process was complete. A miracle really and a reminder to enjoy the moment because you never know when your expiration date will be up.

I'm sorry I missed that party and my chance to thank the donor -- once again the pocketbook and the schedule didn't work -- but I'm always there in spirit.


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