Monday, July 10, 2006

What's up Doc?

Going to the doctor exhausts me, even when it's a relatively good visit. My blood pressure was 134 today. That's the best reading I've had in a year so upping the drug I was already taking is working. And I'm seriously trying to eat better food. I made tuna fish with celery twice in the last couple of weeks. This is for me counts as actual cooking. My old doc told me if I ate enough celery I could stop taking drugs.

Easy to say you know? I only like the real hearts of celery. The skinny little stalks with leaves still on them. It would cost more than the medicine to eat it that way since when they sell you celery hearts in the store for two bucks a pop, there's seventeen vulgar stalks I'm not going to eat for the four I will. Who could eat that much celery anyway, even if it was cheap? I mean I just don't like it that much.

But the big thing is I'm not eating so much cheese and frozen dinners. Consequently, I'm losing weight since those are the only things I feel like eating. I'm been skipping a lot of meals because the healthy stuff doesn't appeal to me. That and the Zocor seems to kill my apetite. Not entirely a bad thing. I lost another two pounds in the last week. If I lose another fifteen, I'll be feeling a lot better I bet. And presumably my cholesterol will be better too.

I'm trying to work up to eating cereal for breakfast. I bought some oatmeal but that a disaster. I can't eat that in the summer. It feels like lead in the belly. So I bought some cold heart-healthy cereal this week. The trouble with it, you need to use milk. I hate milk unless it's ice cream or cheese. I can't face it in the morning. I thinking I'm going to try to eat cereal for dinner. But probably not today. I can't make all these changes at once. Too much health at once isn't that good for a decadent soul like me.

Meanwhile, I got him to give me the Wellbutrin. He asked me about the Zoloft.

I looked at him and said, "Doc, forget it. I took one and to put it bluntly, it made me feel like absolute shit. If you don't want to give me the Wellbutrin I would rather be depressed. "

I think I'm beginning to amuse him. I could tell he wanted to laugh.

He said, "I'm not sure I want to make that part of your permanent medical record. Patient said medication made her feel like shit. Could you elaborate...?"

Bottom line is he gave me the script. He also insists that I go get the cartoid scan and wear the stupid halter monitor thingy for 24 hours. And he wants to send me to a neurologist.

And you wonder why I hate to go the doctor? You go once, they never let you go and they start sending you all over the place to other doctors who want to do more stuff to you. Before you know it you're spending all your time in doctor's offices. It's no way to live.


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