Thursday, July 13, 2006

Cooking with grass in SA

Being that I don't cook anything much, it's not often I have an opportunity to food blog, but thanks to Kees, I have the perfect additions to any self respecting foodphile's cookbook library. For the purist, who must have the authentic recipes, "there’s the South African self-publishing success story to which even writers represented by mainstream publishers must aspire: Mrs IJ de Villiers, whose self-published Kook en Geniet, (Cook and Enjoy) , was such a runaway success, Human & Roussouw took over its publishing after a few years and the book has now sold over a million copies. It took 65 years (it was first published in 1941)."

For those with a more adventuresome palate, there's Rook en Geniet, (Smoke and Enjoy), that takes the recipes to, shall we say, a "higher" level. I'm told it's the cannabis cookbook and is causing quite a stir in South Africa as the cookbook is quite popular but cannabis is illegal. It's said to available online for free, however, the big problem seems to be that there's not an English translation. You have to speak Afrikaaner to use it.

Looks to me like a prime opportunity for some enterprising translator to corner the US market. I'd bet a slick quality paperback with some nice photos would sell like the proverbial hotcakes (or would that be potcakes?) here.


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