Saturday, July 15, 2006

Media Bytes

My friends at Change the Climate have a new video out. Imagine is definitely targeted to a particular audience, but as The Marijuana Policy Project points out, "If you're a supporter of small government, just imagine that the video could just as easily present a number of options for cutting taxes and/or cutting government programs as a result of ending marijuana prohibition."

I think it's a good format, and a good idea for a campaign but my favorite will always be tonight's graphic. If you know of high traffic venue willing to put that poster up, Change the Climate pays to rent the space.

Meanwhile, if you're interested in the mysterious African herb ibogaine and its mystical properties that are said to cause visions and cure addictions, our pal Preston Peet can be seen in this video sharing his vast knowledge of the plant and describing his several experiences with ingesting it.

I've read some of his written accounts. It makes LSD look tame.


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