Thursday, April 06, 2006

Lollipops the new gateway drug?

Spare me. I wanted to archive this irritating little LTE by a former ONDCP in-house counsel. Michael C. Barnes, Esq., would like us to believe that hemp contains enough THC to accumulate in the body and turn people into addicts. He says, "Hemp is low-potency cannabis, i.e., marijuana."

Putting aside the absurdity of that false assertion, and the fact that hemp products are actually some of the most nutritionally rich foods on the planet, that's like saying if you eat a poppy seed bagel every day, you'll end up an opium addict.

He goes on to equate a valuable agricultural product of almost unlimited uses with drugs, death and destruction. Never mind that it was grown widely in the US for centuries. Thomas Jefferson grew it without destroying society. It's pathetic that these drug warriors would fight against a plant that has has no intoxicating properties and has the potential to greatly benefit Americans simply because they're so afraid of losing their useless jobs.

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