Sunday, April 02, 2006

Trompe d'oiel

Well I got up early but it was already late because of the stupid time change. I hate the time change. It takes me at least two weeks to adjust and it seems so pointless. Every year on this day I swear I'm going to run for office solely on the platform of abolishing the whole sorry concept.

Meanwhile, I was on a roll when I got what I call a wheel of fire in my eye. I've had it before, a few years ago. The eye doc told me something inside my eyeball had detached and that the other one was likely to go as well someday. I guess that day is here. It feels like your iris is refracting light and you can see this big shiny circle in your peripheral vision. It was so bad I couldn't see the computer screen to read so I was forced to clean my bathroom instead of blogging. It felt so good to get it over with, I started cleaning the rest of the house. Housework. Hate doing it -- love it when it's done. Too bad I'm not finished yet.

Now that I'm a roll, I'm going to keep going for a while but here's something to amuse you until I get back. I posted this a couple of years ago but the link rotted so here it is again for your viewing pleasure on this beautiful Sunday afternoon. Still amazes me. It's like how does he do that?


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